2nd – 3rd October 2010 @ galerija Decumanus. Krk

Showing: Adam Dragojević, Andrea Kustić, Andrew Brand, Anna Moreno, BlackLab, Caroline Collinge, Caroline Gervay, Damjan Šporčić, Danijel Dozet, Ela Gašperov, Evgeniy Vaschenko, Gildo Bavčević, Guli Silberstein, Hana Dutina, Iris Radivoj, Ivan Mirko Senjanović, Ivan Šušnjar, Katsura Ishikawa, Leonel Cunha, Luisa Jacinto, Luka Klapan, Marin Dlaka, Marina Vukman, Maša Borović, Piotr Krzymowski, Richard Webb, Siniša Lordan, Stuart Alexander, Tamara Bilankov, The Joy of Box – Jim Boxall, Tom Walker, Unicorn semiotics, Vana Gaćina, Vedrana Valenčić, Vini Mihanović, Zloom, Zoo & Will Bolton.

(D)FEFV is an experimental film and video festival with the aim to introduce the experimental film & video art production and other style and genre hybrids to the local audience. It is an international event that tends to initiate cross-cultural dialogues, simultaneously revealing an attractive summary of experimental film and video production from other countries to the local public.

For the first edition of (D)FEFV the proposition was opened at the beginning of 2010, and on the end of august we selected about 60 works from around 90 that were submitted. Among the selected works there are plainly visual explorations, experimental documentaries, unusual promotional and video spots, animations, played creations, edited performance documentations and a few photographic impressions.

The festival gathered artists of different generations and aesthetics from whole Croatia, but a remarkable part of the program showed works from France, Israel, Japan, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Ukraine and the United Kingdom.

The honour to open the first edition of (D)FEFV fell to the young Polish author Piotr Krzymowsky whose highly aesthetic works Being Unable to Obtain the Redness of Hibiscus, Artist Eats the Flower and Colour Invention, were chosen as visually and conceptually most complete.

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